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As the Owner/Designer/Creator of “The Center of Attention”, Andrea’s job is to provide a creative vision and to ensure that all facets of the production ~ theme, design concept, products, imagination, colors & budget, mesh to create a centerpiece that flows together and effectively delivers the clients ideas.

My name is Andrea Roth & I am “The Center of Attention.”
I have been in business since 1983 decorating events with balloons, sculptures, centerpieces, room & dance floor décor, using my expertise to suggest what styles of décor are the most effective, while working with numerous details and challenges per each venue.

I am an experienced Design professional with one clear mission, delivering a creatively conceived and effectively produced Unique, Original Theme Centerpiece. Many of these designs can vary within each theme and can contain items to be donated afterwards.

Creativity + Experience + Price = Best Value

Creativity- the magic ingredient that makes the difference between a centerpiece that merely is on the table and one that ignites your guest’s imagination & creates a topic of conversation as well as
eye pleasing décor.

Experience- With experience comes creativity behind the scenes, taking into consideration; theme, colors, time of day, venue, room layout, creating ambience, budget and the mix of adults/kids attending.

Price- Creativity & experience can also affect price since they determine how to organize the procedures, allocate resources & procure product, all of which saves money for the client.

Best Value- When these elements all work together, they add up to the most tremendous centerpiece and the best value to the client.

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